Having Trouble Getting Into Meditation

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Having Trouble Getting Into Your Meditation?

It happens sometimes whether you are an experienced or beginner practitioner. Life happens and although your monkey mind has your best interests at heart, sometimes you need some help in slowing and quietening the chattering.

Although meditation focuses on the mind, there is a mind body connection and your body can help in this process. Just as you perform a nightly ritual to prepare for bed, you can also do the same for your meditation practice.

We would recommend that you set aside a little extra preparation time prior to your meditation practice.

First, clear your internal and external energy space and then change into your meditation clothes and prepare your meditation items, e.g., mat, incense or essential oil burner, singing bowl, flute, blanket. Whatever you normally use and also water.

Light your incense and/or candles whilst saying your opening prayer or mantra.

Breathe in and absorb the positive energy and then go for a walk for 5-10 mins and preferably in nature all the while practicing your breathing.

Visualize breathing in positive energy and breathing out your positive energy as like attracts like . No matter where you are you can always find nature's positive energy even if you live in town or far from a park.

Just a simple in and out for a count of 3 but extending the time to count which will slow down your body and then mind.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of rain or it is winter, we recommend obtaining a large nature scene and place it on a wall and do the same exercises when you are unable to go outside.

Be mindful of the positive energy that you have gathered during your walk as you step inside and move to your mat and sit. Have some water and start your breathing while focusing on a point in the room. A candle is very helpful when you need to focus. Then move into your mantra/prayer and then meditation. At this point you can close your eyes if you so wish.

Try not to break this routine, it has been designed to flow from unwinding your body to quietening your mind and into your meditation.


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