Outdoor Meditation Is An Exhilarating Experience.

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Outdoor Meditation Is An Exhilarating Experience.

Meditation outdoors is a completely different experience to meditating indoors. We thought there wouldn't be much of a difference apart from the change of smell from incense to grass. Were we wrong.

Now, outdoor meditation is always our first choice (weather permitting). It helps us feel more in-tuned with the seasons and time of day on our body clocks.

This is what we experience when meditating throughout the day:

  • Morning/Sunrise - Awakening and Rejuvenating
  • During the day - Calming
  • Evening/Sunset - Releasing. After sunset, we meditate indoors and usually real late at night, so insightful times, just amazing.

We tend to meditate for about 15 mins each session and receive these benefits at those times of the day.

We also found that the effects are stronger when performing meditation outside. Maybe because there are less physical barriers so we are more connected to the Universe.

However, in defense of indoor meditation, we still find that when we wish to connect to our higher selves, indoor meditation is best. Maybe it's the ceiling that shortens the distance to your connection with the Universe.

Throughout the day we tend to spread our auras to match the space we are in albeit subconsciously. Writing this has made me curious, I wonder what it would be like to meditate underwater? Why not put that on your bucket list.

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