Meditation in the Orchard

There is nothing like meditating outside (weather permitting). It brings an added dimension to your practice.

By changing up your your practice venues. you can enhance and even revitalize your meditation practice.

Here are some suggestions:

Your Garden, it's always there and available anytime.

The Beach, especially at sunrise and sunset. Take a candle and an open glass container to protect the flame from any breezes. Meditate on the flame and with that large body of water and surrounding peace, who knows what may materialize.

The Forest, feel the nature as you meditate. Surrounded yourself with all this oxygen and practice some pranayama

Mini Retreat, pitch a tent somewhere and meditate at sunrise, you could have a sunset satsang around a bonfire (Paradise) 

Enhance your outside meditation experience with your own meditation accessories.

We have the basics, a chakra mat, a Ganesh mat (my favorite for releasing blockages), an incense and an essential oil burners (for outside use) a Dream Catcher/ Wind Chimes and a few others. More will be added over time. 

Take a browse and see what we have that will keep you coming back for more (outside meditation that is)

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