Standard shipping policy

    We strive to ship domestic inventory next business day and typical USPS shipping times are from 2 to 7 days. Most of our items are shipped under our Standard Shipping Policy, please allow 2-3 weeks unless otherwise stated. For sale/promotional products and/or promotional shipping items, please allow two to five weeks.


    As Buddha's Orchard sells around the world, we have displayed size and weight in both Imperial and Metric measurements for your convenience.

    Due to manual measurement, there can be a 2-3% difference, please check the measurement information carefully before you purchase the item.

    Should you need additional information in selecting your item, please Contact Us and we will assist you.

    As a general guideline 1 inch = 2.54 cm or 1 cm = 0.4 inches

    Will I be charged sales tax?

    As Buddha's Orchard sources from around the world, any applicable sales tax will be noted in the specific item's sales page.

    Will I be charged custom's duty?

    As Buddha's Orchard sources and sells around the world, we are unable to account for all variations at this time and be fair to all customers. Therefore any applicable custom's duty on an item will be the responsibility of the customer and is usually minimal.

    How long will the shipping take before delivery?

    This will depend on the location of the item in relation to it's destination. Once the item has been delivered to the Shipping Depot, we find the standard is 7 days within the US for domestic shipping and 2-3 weeks for worldwide once shipped.

    What is My Protection As A Buyer? 

    You are protected by Buddha's Orchard set of guarantees that enable our buyers to shop with confidence on our website.

    We guarantee our protection if:

    • The item you received is broken.
    • The item you received is not as described on our product page
    • Our failure on any explicit guarantee made by Buddha's Orchard.
    • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

    If you have any questions regarding our guarantee, please Contact Us here.

    Why Is My Total Amount In USD On The Payment Page? 

    Buddha's Orchard processes all sales in USD, the amount of which is displayed in total on the payment page.

    We provide currency conversion for your browsing convenience. Our site will convert our USD prices to the currency of your country or selection from the drop down menu.

    If you wish to see the USD prices on products, just select USD from the currency drop down menu located towards the top right of the screen.

    The exchange rates used by Buddha's Orchard are based on the rates at XE.com and are refreshed twice a day.

    What Payment Options does Buddha's Orchard Accept?

    We accept PayPal, Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

    When Will You Charge My Credit Card?

    Orders are subject to payment verification and acceptance before shipping. This is usually received within 12 hours and depends on location and difference between time zones.

     What should I do if I provided incorrect information?

    IMMEDIATELY Contact Us outlining what was stated and what the information should have been. These things happen and as long as the item hasn't been shipped, we will do our utmost to try and rectify the situation and keep you informed. 

    What if the item is not what I ordered?

    Please refer to our Refund Policy page

    Still have a question?

    Just Contact Us with your query and we will respond directly to you. 

    How can I become a member?

    We're happy to have you join Buddha's Orchard. Just enter your email in the Join the Community section in the footer of any page.

    Can I unsubscribe at any time? 

    Yes, we would be sorry to lose you as a member but feel free to return.

    How secure is your site?

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy page

    How secure Is my information?

    Please refer to our Privacy Policy page